Game Changers: “Vote Early, Vote Often”

The Tribe deals with their feelings while covering the latest episode of Survivor: Game Changers!

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One Response to “Game Changers: “Vote Early, Vote Often””

  1. CamPT says:

    Hey guys. Always good to tune in each week. A bit surprised you came down so heavy on Cochrane’s visit and questioned, “What was it for?” Well, surely it was ‘the’ great escape for that lucky (very lucky Debbie) contestant. Cochrane can no doubt give that player some strategic advice without the fear that they be duped. To have someone to talk to who is not playing the game is like gold in Survivor. We’ve seen that with the family visits. I don’t think (or hope) they’ll do it again, but for this season of Game Changers it served a purpose.

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