Nicaragua: “Not Sure Where I Stand”

The Tribe recaps the latest episode of Survivor, updates their fantasy league standings, goes over some fantastic listener feedback, and tests Paul in Survivor Stump yet again!

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  1. My Dixie Wrecked says:

    Hey boys and girl, it’s been awhile but this season just hasn’t gotten me motivated to want to leave comments. It did leave me a lot more time to fix my dixie, but on to my thoughts for the last episode.

    -After all that sweet, sweet love making between Dan and his son, I thought the son would finish off by picking through Dan’s hair and eating all the bugs and ticks like a monkey.

    -I don’t know if you saw the extra clip on but at tribal council Jane was packing some major wood.

    -This one’s probably going to need Paul’s all-knowing Survivor expertise. At the tribal council we had Jeff and his mom urging the other 3 (Jane, Fabio, and Dan) to force a tie against the alliance. On the surface that seems like a great idea, but wouldn’t Dan have been the one going home in that situation. After a tie vote the two people that were tied are safe and the other four would have drawn rocks for the Purple Kelly rock. Of those 4 – Fabio had immunity, Chase and Sash played hidden idols, so that leaves Dan as the only person eligible to go home. If that’s the case it’s understandable why Dan and Fabio didn’t want to force a tie.

    -Finally, I can’t believe it’s even possible with how bad he’s been all season but Dan just might get some votes if he makes it to the final tribal because people are so mad at the alliance of 3. I can see him getting votes from Marty, Benry, Jane, and Fabio (if he doesn’t make it to the final 3).

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