The Survivor Historians: “Lea Masters’ European Vacation”

It’s time for part two of Survivor: Vanuatu!

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  1. IcarusArts says:

    Oh, you old school fans and your fan fiction. Calling Leanne a super-fan and claiming that she was running the game, based on one line spoken by Ami during the show and a supposed revelation by Chris post-show? Come on. All of this pining over some hypothetical footage that the editors could have shown us about Chris, Leanne, and even Scout operating as puppet masters. Get real.

    I’m just breaking your balls a bit, of course, I love the podcast, but if you listen to Leanne’s interview on SurvivorOz, it is quite obvious that she’s not a superfan by any stretch of the imagination.

    Host Ben Watersworth asks her what her favorite and least favorite seasons are and she says “As much of a fan as I am, even for me, they are all starting to mix together. It’s hard to remember which is which.” She ends up answering that her favorite season is Vanuatu and that she can’t tell him her least favorite because it was just so unmemorable that she’s forgotten it. Then, after much hemming and hawing, she changes her answer to “the season that Colton was on.” Ben then asks her who the hottest ever contestant was and she answers “the African American man” on “the season with Sophie.” When Ben asks who the least deserving winner was, she asks “Did Fabio win?” When he asks who the greatest ever Survivor was, she again struggles for an answer for a bit then says “I don’t have a pool in my head to choose from,” then asks, “Did Ozzy win?” When Ben tells her no she has to re-think her answer. “There was a guy winner, very strategic, it was maybe 3 or 4 seasons after ours … I think he was short, dark haired, white.” Ben eventually surmises that she was talking about Todd Herzog. She also refers to Redemption Island (the twist, not the season) as Exile Island.

    Hardly a superfan and actually extremely painful on top of that because she’s claiming to be such an avid watcher of the show.

    BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN THAT, when it comes to discussion of her own game, she describes herself as Ami’s coat-tail rider, she refers to herself as the Amber to Ami’s Boston Rob, and when Ben tells her that Chris realized she was the mastermind–once he got home and saw the show on TV, mind you–she says that he was just saying that because he was thankful for her vote and he wouldn’t have won without it. Ben asks if she is honored that Chris would say that about her game and she replies “I guess if I hold Chris on a pedestal as some great God of Survivor” which either tells us that she never saw Chris as a serious player and we, as fans, are potentially over-rating him OR her response simply confirms what she’s shown us above, that she really has very little knowledge about the specifics of the game, including what might be respectable about his game and where he contextually fits into the pantheon of players.

    In short, Leanne completely sucked and Mario is correct in giving himself credit for this season being a favorite of old schoolers … it certainly doesn’t seem to be the gameplay of any of the castaways–except for a few episodes of Pagonging by Ami, one move by Scout, and a lot of frantic scrambling by Chris.

    Love the show. Keep up the good work! This retro-conned fan fiction is a blast, Mario.

  2. Mario says:

    Thanks for the comments! I actually read your post right before we sat down to record part 3 tonight, so I refer to a couple of the comments right there at the start of the podcast. I don’t know when it will be released, but until then, enjoy the retconning!

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