The Survivor Historians: “The Historians Apprentice – Round 1”

The Historians begin their epic quest for a possible new co-host!

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2 Responses to “The Survivor Historians: “The Historians Apprentice – Round 1””

  1. IcarusArts says:

    Loved this episode. Liked all of the applicants. I rated them below out of 10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. I’d probably vote for Mike or Brian to join the Historians, but what I’d really like is for Jason and Elan to start their own, new Survivor podcast! Those guys are both amazing in their own right and would be wasted as a third wheel. They are too good for you!

    TIM – 6/10 (yes, I know it was a joke, but he would be funny)
    MATTHEW – 7/10 (solid host material, but came off a bit douchey)
    HEATHER – 2/10 (Mario kept mentioning the chemistry he and Heather had, but I couldn’t hear it at all)
    ELAN – 10/10 (Amazing. Give him his own show!)
    GEORGE – 7/10 (funny, good rapport, too quippy?)
    JASON – 10/10 (maybe my all-time favorite Survivor podcaster already. Give him his own show too!)
    MIKE – 8/10 (solid host material, a bit douchey, but more relaxed than Matthew and seemingly more informed than George or Kristen)
    KRISTEN – 7/10 (quite good, but I kinda hate that she was a spoiler)
    BRIAN – 8/10 (cool, relaxed approach, informed)

    As a tangential aside, you talked about poaching from SurvivorOz, but I’d be very happy if SurvivorOz would pick up some of your left-overs here for their OzCaps and live shows. Ben is incredible, but his supporting cast is rough.

  2. Matt says:


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